Differences that Matter

Experienced, efficient experts


Health Accelerators is where the Communication of Science meets the Science of Communications.

We start by understanding the explicit and implicit needs of your most important stakeholders. We then write and test specific language to ensure that it is received, understood and inspires belief and action. We often design visuals that support or complement the words. We firmly believe that getting it right from the start with a simple, well-framed story – using precise messages and visuals tuned to a specific audience – multiplies the effect of your subsequent investments in communications tactics and media.

We think we’re different in ways that really matter to our clients:


The people we tend to work with are Explorers – clients and partners who aren’t satisfied with the usual way of thinking about strategy and communications. And we are drawn to collaborate with people who have a healthy perspective on balancing work and the other elements of their lives, doing their best to avoid ‘fire drills’ through discipline, prioritization and planning. Our culture and philosophy may not appeal to everyone, but that’s OK. 

We respect the differences among us, and generously share our experience, hacks and hard-earned lessons with our clients and their partners. We don’t believe that work, or life, is a zero-sum game, and we work in healthcare because we believe that improving people’s lives is a noble pursuit.


Simply, we’re problem solvers. Our process isn’t rocket science, but because we’ve refined it over the last three decades we’re very fast and very good at it. “What problem are we trying to solve?” is the question with which we usually start our conversations. It’s deceptively simple, yet it gives us insight into whether the challenge you’re facing has been clearly defined, and if it’s worth the effort to solve. If it is, we have a systematic and efficient method to solve it. 


Our core principles guide us each day as we collaborate with our clients and other partners:

If our practical, balanced approach makes sense to you, please contact us to discuss your specific needs.