Simplify a Biotech Startup’s Story for Investors & Partners


The leadership team of a fast-growing biotech focused on novel CNS and orphan therapies was comprised primarily of scientists, physicians and researchers. Fortunately, their positive clinical data was starting to come in, and their growing portfolio of small molecule and biotherapeutic treatments looked promising. Unfortunately, they needed to broaden their audience of potential investors and partners to expand their R&D program, and their ‘deep-science’ presentations were not very understandable or actionable for non-scientist investors.


The new head of Investor Relations (IR) at our client’s company quickly identified and assessed the disconnect between the company’s science and value story and a significant portion of the institutional investor audience. She engaged Health Accelerators to rework and simplify the company’s story, including its investment thesis and key scientific concepts underpinning its pipeline.

After conducting some initial research on the company, its clinical programs and its investor communications, we interviewed key executives including the CEO and CFO to understand their perspectives on where the company was headed and what they needed to communicate to investors and potential biopharma development partners. We benchmarked IR communications from early-stage biotechs and created a new story outline with a beginning, middle and end. After gaining alignment on the outline with the executive team, we developed the presentation (words, images and speaker’s notes) delivered by the CEO at the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. Finally, we created a library of key slides and images for use by company presenters throughout the year, ensuring consistency and alignment of messaging for various audiences.


The CEO’s presentation at JPM achieved its goal of delivering a tight and cohesive story about the company, its science, its long-term strategy and its relentless focus on patients to a more diverse and highly influential audience. Subsequent inquiries far exceeded the client’s expectations based on her experiences at other startups. It was a fantastic opportunity to not only demonstrate Health Accelerators’ true partnership and unique capabilities, but also create an early win for the IR lead and start to open the minds of the executive team about the benefits of simpler, more targeted and intentional corporate and scientific communications.