Right from the Start

Building the foundation

Health Accelerators is biopharma’s core communications consultancy. We focus on ‘getting it right from the start,’ helping clients develop strategy, communications plans and core messaging to engage their highest-value stakeholders such as investors, thought leaders and employees. 


Our clients understand that investments in strategy, communications planning and core messaging create a multiplier effect on their subsequent investments in media, meetings and events, investor calls and other channels through which their clear value and unique stories are communicated.

Identifying and addressing specific business problems is made easier when we help clients work through a simple, practical process. The three important steps above create a strong and lasting foundation that clients can use to articulate an investment thesis, explain the science, plan the marketing mix, design promotional materials, or begin to change a company’s culture. This foundation endures longer than any single campaign and provides alignment and continuity across a tactical portfolio, whether your audience is inside or outside the walls of your company. 

To learn more about the importance of strengthening your core, watch the video.

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