Legacy Agency Needed a New Strategy


A decades-old, successful healthcare advertising agency was founded by an industry legend and had been in the hands of the next generation for several years. The company was continuing to succeed, but the owners and other key leaders struggled to align on a strategy that would propel them to the next level and ensure their continued success. They called on the experienced leadership of Health Accelerators for help, knowing that we could assist their team in a discreet but effective way.


We knew this project would require us to access the past success of the company’s leaders and founder, while opening up the team to ideas being raised by their talented new hires. To do this, we walked the owners and leaders (including younger creative talent) through a series of proprietary exercises we developed and had used in other sensitive engagements.

Conducted both online and in-person, these were designed to enable each person to see both the value and the drawbacks of the others’ ideas. This proprietary approach helps teams draw out the best ideas from groups in conflict, while enabling them to collaboratively “retire” ideas that may be holding the group back from greater success.


The group was able to align on both a new strategy and an “accountability plan” in which both the owners and young talent agreed to hold each other accountable for change, performance and action. This enabled both groups to feel empowered while also allowing each part of the company to better understand the other’s ideas. The company was able to shed some legacy accounts that were not contributing to profitability, and instead focus resources toward a new sector with customers that have the potential of larger revenues, higher margins and greater visibility for the agency. The company has also retained its young talent by giving them key roles and a voice in the transformation process.