Part-time CMO, full-time AOR


A struggling marketing technology and services firm that focused on understanding, engaging and activating healthcare professionals underwent a leadership change to re-energize the staff, increase new business and improve the technical infrastructure. The new CEO discovered that the Marketing function was being managed without a plan by several non-marketers in the organization, which resulted in long development cycles, a lack of coordination and impact, and a reduction in their time and focus toward billable biopharma client work. In sum, the return on their Marketing spend was zero.


After a few short months monitoring the poor performance of their haphazard investments, the new CEO decided to outsource the Marketing function to the experienced team at Health Accelerators. Co-founder Joe Shields was appointed as the company’s virtual Chief Marketing Officer and member of the client’s leadership team, and Health Accelerators became the agency of record (AOR) for the client.

Based on the client’s business goals we developed annual strategic and tactical marketing plans; built strong relationships with the leadership team, business development, product strategy, technology and account services; and leveraged our industry relationships and scale to book media at favorable rates. We collaborated with the product strategists to rework the confusing branding scheme and create a simple brand architecture and clear messaging that used the language of their target customers instead of technical jargon. We consolidated client and prospect lists, and created much-needed ‘air cover’ for the Sales team using LinkedIn, email, collateral and thought leadership articles in leading trade publications. Among other early deliverables were a completely new website, an in-depth white paper focused on analytics, a consistent social presence, paid search, a digital health association partnership and proactive PR for several industry awards.


In the first six months our client reaped many benefits by outsourcing the Marketing function to Health Accelerators:

  • A senior Marketing executive leading the function at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time, seasoned employee
  • Extreme speed-to-market and focus on building a system for integrated, multichannel, measurable Marketing
  • Awareness of the client’s company and services increased by 5X among target prospects
  • Client was able to fully focus resources on billable client work instead of ‘dabbling’ in Marketing projects
  • Identification of new promotional opportunities with industry associations, events and PR
  • Centralization of Sales leads enabled business continuity during staff turnover
  • The outsourced Marketing team had a service orientation much greater than the internal staff