Build pharma-facing B2B marketing system


A leading, well-known prescription savings platform needed to change the perception among pharma brand leaders and their media agencies that the company was solely focused on discount drug coupons for its cost-conscious consumer audience. The client needed to communicate to pharma decision makers the value of its massive consumer and healthcare provider (HCP) audiences as well as specific awareness, access, and adherence solutions to reach, engage, and activate these important audiences.


The Health Accelerators team worked closely with the client’s VP of Client Development & Experience on strategy and goal-setting based on the business unit’s objectives and the team’s deep understanding of pharma and agency prospects. Next, they created an integrated B2B marketing plan that included thought leadership, PR, social media, events and sponsorships, awards, and print and digital advertising.

Over the following 18 months the team:

  • Developed annual editorial plans and quarterly calendars that focused on the intersection of what the audience was interested in and the topics in which the client had high credibility
  • Researched, wrote, and designed all B2B creative assets, including core messaging and creative for multichannel campaign focused on top media agencies
  • Developed content and coached senior executives for conference presentations and panels, media interviews, and webinars-podcasts
  • Analyzed campaign performance, developed regular reports, and recommended ongoing optimizations
  • Partnered with industry publishers to ensure content was presented precisely as intended
  • Designed, recruited, conducted, and analyzed customer research to inform plan improvements.


Within a few months of working together, our client expanded the scope of our responsibilities to include onsite support at events, writing industry award submissions, collaborating with Corporate Communications on pivotal news releases, and evaluating media placements and event sponsorships.

Results to date include our client:

  • Getting promoted
  • Increasing awareness of specific pharma solutions from the company among the B2B audience by 68%
  • Exceeding targets for lead generation, volume of Sales meetings, and business-unit revenue two years in a row
  • Winning 18 industry awards across two calendar years for the company’s solutions, people, and B2B marketing efforts.