Reorganize medical publisher for growth


A leader with a long and storied history in medical publishing, news and events sought a fresh perspective from Health Accelerators on how best to reshape the company to prepare for explosive growth, manage leadership transitions, develop capabilities for the future, and increase audience engagement. They were also looking for innovative ways to anticipate and satisfy rapidly changing biopharma customer and healthcare provider (HCP) audience expectations.


We partnered with our client’s senior executive team, and interviewed a wide range of employees, to:

  • Better understand and document the current competitive landscape
  • Identify and evaluate organic and M&A opportunities for growth
  • Develop and refine the future vision for the company
  • Design an operational capabilities roadmap
  • Write the new company ‘story’ for both external and internal audiences
  • Create internal and external culture and communications plans
  • Support internal alignment to better enable execution of the new plans.


Most of Health Accelerators’ recommendations were endorsed as-is by company leadership, and the rest were refined with our client as the reorganization progressed. Our work resulted in a significant reorganization of the company with no layoffs; a reinvigorated and more focused leadership team; a new research function to better understand the HCP audience and biopharma customers; increased resources for and prioritization of audience engagement; and a more formal and systematic approach to innovation and new product development (NPD).